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Our Team

Working as an extension of your team to implement the right sales strategy to increase your revenue.


Charlie Wood

Charlie is a 25+ year veteran of the tech’ industry from startup founder to global scale up leader and brings a raft of experience in enterprise go to market B2B/SaaS strategy and management. He has worked in senior VP / MD roles at Dropbox and Salesforce to build and scale their GTM. He has also focussed early in the journey as a successful startup founder and on the other side of the VC / CVC fence.

Charlie is currently MD of WinningBy Design APAC, a Venture Partner at Antler Australia and a Strategic Advisor at KPMG High Growth Ventures.


Matt Browne

Matt has Co-Founded a variety of successful startups. most notably, Donesafe, a global Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) SaaS startup with 1.5million+ users with an exit in 2020 for an eight figure sum. Matt is a Y Combinator alumni, Venture Partner at Antler and has mentored hundreds of startups over the past decade.

His mission is to build greater tech literacy within Australia and to make a positive impact through partnerships in the startup ecosystem.


Darcy Naunton

Darcy has been heavily involved in the startup space since 2010. His first major foray into technology investment was setting up an early-stage venture fund, Adventure Capital. This fund went on to invest in 12 startups with notable exits in Donesafe and Omny Studio. Darcy is also Co-Founder, Director and Chairman of YBF Ventures, a startup incubator based in Sydney and Melbourne.


Thomas Vitsounis

Thomas brings more than 10 years of experience from Europe and APAC. While in Europe, he completed his PhD and worked extensively as consultant and advisor for multiple European organisations. He moved to Australia in 2013 to work on the application of data and digital solutions for Australia’s leading innovation agency. Later he joined a Top-tier management consulting firm before moving to the Venture Capital industry in mid-2020.

Steamengine exists to bridge the gap between building the product and building revenue. Steamengine provides a granular approach to supporting your go to market (GTM) strategy. Our resources and tools can augment your team and set you on a path to building revenue, no matter what stage you’re at.

We call this Revenue as a Service

Sustainable, predictable revenue happens when well selected customers meet well matched products via intentionally curated journeys.


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